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 Equine Energetix

The Natural Evolution of the Horse-Human Bond

There is a natural intimacy between horses and humans that evolved over thousands of years of close contact. With mindful intention, that connection creates the opportunity for profound growth experiences.

Equine-Interactive Psychotherapy and Coaching

Our Services

We offer growth experiences in private, group and workshop settings.

Wellness care for your horse is also available.

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Psychotherapy & Coaching

Tailored to your needs

for individuals, couples & 

small groups


Collective Growth Experiences

  • Mindfulness

  • Building Confidence

  • Authenticity & Intuition

  • Coaching Intensive

  • Team Bonding

Equine Care

  • Certified equine massage

  • Animal communication

  • Equine Tapping for Change & Healing (ETCH) 

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All About EE

Founded in 2008, Equine Energetix blends innovative and exciting horse activity bolstered by solid psychological study. James Cassese developed one of the only equine-interactive programs to be developed by a practicing psychotherapist, coach and Fulbright Scholar. He combines 30 years of clinical experience helping people to grow and change with a deep love and respect of horses to create profound and lasting change for his clients.


Where to find us

Equine Energetix is proud to be hosted at Ridgebury Farm & Stables, an equine-centered Holistic Wellness Farm that offers comprehensive therapeutic services including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language therapy and all of our EE services. Ridgebury Farm is the only program in New England to be recognized by the American Hippotherapy Association!

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