Over the years there have been many wonderful horses who have graced us with their presence in our workshops and Equine-interactive sessions.   We are grateful for the gifts each brings to our Equine Energetix work ~ here are just a few of the wonderful horses who have given so much to Equine Energetix. 



The Equine Energetix
herd of horses
James Cassese, LCSW 
President and Founder


James Cassese, LCSW,

is a private-practice psychotherapist in New York City specializing in the treatment of survivors of trauma.  In 1993, his essay discussing the connections between childhood sexual abuse and subsequent risk behavior in adulthood broke new ground in the field.  The dynamics of that article were subsequently borne out by numerous research studies and his innovative approach to understanding the complex matrix of trauma and its aftereffects garnered much attention.

In recognition of the significance of his approach and achievement in this area, Mr. Cassese was named by Congressional award J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholar to Brazil 1998-1999.  He offered course work and training intensives in Portuguese at the post-graduate level at the University of Sao Paulo.  As part of his Fulbright duties, Mr. Cassese gathered information from and developed relationships with Brazilian NGO's, with whom he continues ongoing cultural exchange.


Mr. Cassese is the author of Integrating the Shattered Self (Harrington Park Press, 2000), the first book of its kind to address the unique emotional and psychological needs of sexual-minority survivors of sexual abuse.  Shattered Self was reviewed as full of "valuable insights" and "practical treatment suggestions", and described as "a highly recommended book for all academic libraries".


Mr. Cassese is on the faculty of New York University Graduate School of Social Work, and provides consultancy and workshops throughout the United States and internationally.  He is an avid horseman and a student of Zen Buddhism of the Mountains and Rivers Order at Zen Mountain Monastery.