Equine Energetix services

Equine Energetix understands that an integrative approach to growth and healing is vital to success. Too often we find something that initially works, only to be disappointed when our results diminish over time. How many times have we felt that rush of excitement after an “Aha!” moment, only to then be confused when everything doesn’t fit into place as it should? The comprehensive multidisciplinary approach at Equine Energetix relies on an array of perspectives and services with the  understanding that different people (and different horses!) learn differently. Some people will respond to one approach while others do better with a combination of techniques. As a psychotherapist and scholar, James Cassese recognizes not only that a fun atmosphere can enhance learning and growth, but also emphasizes the role of clinical experience in helping to foster change. His substantial clinical background informs the Equine Energetix approach and assists us in tailoring a program to fit your individual or group needs, employing a variety of professionals and techniques.

One-on-one Equine-Interactive Sessions

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  • Equine-Interactive Psychotherapy

  • Life Coaching

  • Equine-Interactive Life coaching

  • Overcoming Training Obstacles

  • EMDR


Equine-Interactive Workshops



  • Equine-Interactive Experiential Learning Workshops

  • Equine-Interactive Workplace Development

  • Equestrian Facility Workshops


Equine Services 



  • Equine Tapping for Change and Healing (ETCH)

  • Reiki

  • Animal Communication