Looking for some summer reading? Check out: "Horse as Teacher: the Path to Authenticity"

We think of our "Seeing with the Heart Workshop ~ A Journey with Horses to Discover our Authentic Power" as our signature workshop. The beauty and power of the workshop experience comes alive in "Horse as Teacher: the Path to Authenticity" (2009).

An excerpt in the chapter "Horse Whispers" by Kathy Pike:

"Kairos had transported all of us beyond our normal reality by inviting us into a state of non-doing, or "being". Without physical movement of his body, he had carried our consciousness into another realm of understanding. In that moment, each individual reconnected to a part of her self and the world beyond in a powerful spiritual experience.

Physical touch and movement does not always quantify a true experience. Powerful moments that invite us to pause, such as the one with Kairos, are often what help us become aware of our hearts and the feeling of authenticity that rises from this place. An experience is defined by recognizing and gaining knowledge or comprehension thorugh observation or interaction. Achieving an experience can happen by simply "being" versus "doing".

I believe we can achieve deep levels of self by simply "being". It is our doing nature that puts us into our heads, fills us with agendas, and removes us from feeling from the heart. When we choose to "be", we choose to breathe, feel, observe, and accept the moment as it is, and as we connect with another. There is no time for judgment or analysis. Authenticity comes from the heart, not the busy mind that is rationalizing, manipulating, positioning, planning, thinking, worrying and justifying."