Out of my mind; back in 5 minutes


"Out of my mind; back in 5 minutes" ~ The sign appealed to my warped sense of humor, and it aptly described the feeling of chaos that often accompanied a day in the life of a nurse in corporate America.

I still have the sign, packed away with the souvenirs of my former life as an informatics nurse. I am worlds away from the turbulence of those days, and yet the need to remind myself to stay in the moment continues to have relevance every single day.

Reflecting on this past year, it was a time of exciting transition. I found the courage to leave situations I had outgrown, and decided to go in search of what matters most. Why do we stay in relationships no longer meeting our needs, and what inertia breaking moment finally pushes us out of our comfort zone? The comfort zone ~ as sticky as fly paper, as seductive as the energy saver mode on new appliances. I was as complacent as the cowardly lion in Oz sleeping away my dreams.

And then something shifted, there I was swept away by a gathering storm of what the heck is going on here ~ a gentle shove, the wind at my back, signs all over the place...knocked off my feet and into a rabbit hole. I knew there was no going back, no regrets, only finding the courage to keep moving forward.


I survived, and more. While some days are easier than others, I am energized with the peacefulness of finding my own path.

On the brink of this new year, my focus is to stay in the moment, to be mindful of how far I've come and to spend more time celebrating where I am right now. My only New Year's resolution is to treasure this crazy little life I call my own.

This moment in time is "it", and if we approach every single day as if it were the last what might we do differently?

Turn down the voices in your mind that remind you of anger, judgment, criticism, sadness and by letting go of the chatter take back control of this moment ~ own it, and sink into that peaceful little slice of quiet nothingness.

Mindfulness is my fortress of solitude when I find myself wallowing in whatever nonsense my crazy mind wanders into ~ flip the switch to turn off the voices, flush the negative emotions, take time to quiet the spirit. And while you're at it, smile.

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